Williams LifeSkills provides tailored training workshops and consulting designed to address key issues affecting us in the workplace and at home.


Williams Life Skills is a stress management and communication training, which helps individuals to better cope with stress, to build and maintain stronger connections to family, co-workers and friends, to overcome and handle their stress, to develop skills related to emotional intelligence.


Williams LifeSkills Training is a skill-based training. The training is conducted in Brussels, near Cora. The training is 15 hours long which can be divided up according to the needs of the participants (e.g. it can be conducted in 5x3 hour sessions 2x7.5 hour sessions etc.). The training does not require any pre-education or any special skills from the participants.


This training can be conducted for individuals upon request. You will have access to all training materials and the whole process will be built on your personal requests (i.e.: thorough discussion on issues selected by you). If you select the individual training, you will also be able to choose the training appointments individually and you don’t have to adapt to others.


Yes! The original Williams LifeSkills Training is designed to be used in almost any given life situation. Managers, employers and employees will be able to benefit from this programme in both their work-related and personal lives. Less stress and more communication mean more productivity and progress.

The Williams LifeSkills Training

Williams LifeSkills training was founded by Redford Williams and Virginia Williams in the United States. The LifeSkills method is a tailored workshop training for 5-12 people, designed to address the following key issues affecting people in the workplace and at home:

How one can build a more productive, happy and healthier life?

How to communicate more clearly and effectively?

How to cope and overcome negative emotions and anger?

How to build effective and strong relationships with colleagues, family and friends?

How to develop our emotional intelligence and stress coping skills?

How to relax and calm yourself down?


LifeSkills training teaches 8 core skills for effectively managing stress and leading a healthier life.

Stress reduction

You can develop coping skills to manage stress and to cope with almost all stressful situations in your life.

Anger management

You can learn to reduce anger and hostility both in your private and professional life.

Communication improvement

You can learn how good communication and interaction can essentially act as a previntive maintenance for your relationships with others.

Empathy improvement

You can become more assertive and know when to say "No".

Relaxation skills

You can learn relaxation techniques which will help you reduce stress and anxiety levels. Some of these techniques can be used in less than two minutes!

Problem solving skills

You can learn how to handle change and resolve conflict at home and at work.

Reduced blood pressure level

One of the main signs of stress is the elevated blood pressure. After Williams LifeSkills Training your daytime blood pressure will be lower.

Reduced anxiety level

You can manage your anxiety and develop solid communication skills.

The training is conducted in Brussels, near Cora hypermarket in Woluwe-Saint Lambert. The training is 15 hours long, but it can be divided to up to five 3-hour parts according to the needs of the participants. The training does not require any pre-education or any special skills from the participants.

We are using the following methods while conducting the training:

The training includes the following blocks (various techniques within each category):

Balázs Járosi


Psychologist, Stress Management and Communication Trainer

Balazs Jarosi was born in 1980 in Budapest, Hungary. He is a psychologist and trainer with 10 years of experience in counseling, stress management and communications.

He received his master’s degree in psychology in Hungary. After graduation, he specialized in stress management. He also gained expertise in Interaction Design. Over the course of years, he worked effectively and in full confidentiality with his clientele. He dealt with many types of personalities and achieved positive results for individuals struggling with various disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger management). His mission is to provide people with the skills they need to lead a healthier and happier life both at work and at home.

Scientific Evidence

In the last 18 years many research papers were published about the impact of LifeSkills training. This particular training is proven to help you to cope with stress, reduce blood pressure levels, improve psychological and physical well-being, improve communication and psychological health.

Some of the published scientific papers about the Williams LifeSkills program:

Some of the scientific evidence of the harmful effects on health of negative emotions and positive outcomes of interventions to counter these effects:

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